In 2018 Satyen Raja, founder of WarriorSage, wanted a new logo to define the next era of the company. After working closely together for 8 years prior, I had a solid sense of the brand, the feel and the look. Satyen had 5 specific symbols he wanted incorporated, the circle(Power), heart (Love), upwards (Freedom) and downwards (Flow) triangle and a square (Wisdom). Each of these relates to a different aspect of our existence and when all are in equilibrium -- we can attain peak existence. Satyen covers this extensively in his bookset Transcendent CEO and Transcendent Culture which you'll also find in my portfolio.

Satyen's request for the logo was to incorporate all the symbols into a powerful icon that was reminiscent of Dr. Strange and modern alchemy. Something with a powerful, magical quality that would communicate the depth of WarriorSage and display the shapes in perfect harmony.

Initial concept sketches of the logo.

I sketched out some ideas for what it could look like, and settled on a version with the Heart in the center, the masculine / feminine triangles interlocking with each other vertically (to get both masculine/feminine and above/below or inner/outer polarities) and all of that encompassed by the circle shape. 
This representation perfectly aligns with WarriorSage principles presented in a visual way.  Each way the shapes relate to each other is intentional in order to communicate the values of them.
To finalize the design, I took the WarriorSage Creed (a short poem that WarriorSage lives by) and wrote it out in full around the perimeter of the logo, showing that it is woven into the fabric of the brand. The two versions of the creed represent the ancient wisdom (outer text) and the modern application of Satyen Raja's teachings.

Final Logo created in Illustrator.

The Path of the WarriorSage artbook. I worked with a Hemlock Printers in BC to get this logo hot foil stamped onto the cover of these books.

You can order a copy of the book right here:

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