Accelerated Evolution Academy Website
Branding, Design & Robust Development:
Shaping the Accelerated Evolution Academy's Digital Identity

The Accelerated Evolution Academy, an epitome of deep wisdom and rapid progression, required a website that could encapsulate its essence. As the lead designer for this transformative project, I was tasked with refreshing its brand style guide and breathing new life into its digital presence.

Creating a Visual Language:
At the heart of this redesign was the development of a new color palette, an evolution of the academy's signature blue. This palette was carefully crafted to reflect a sense of profound wisdom and the dynamic nature of accelerated learning. Harmonizing these colors with a specific style of shapes, margins and typefaces, I established a visual language that resonated with the academy's ethos.

Working in close tandem with an expert copywriter, I transformed the newly penned copy into a wireframe mockup, laying the foundation for the website's structure. This collaborative effort ensured that the content was not only compelling but also seamlessly integrated into the design.

Design Execution:
Utilizing Adobe Illustrator, I created custom icon sets, each meticulously handcrafted to align with the new style guide. These icons, along with a blend of stock photos and AI-generated images, formed the core of the website's visual elements. Adobe XD became my canvas, where each page was designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a seamless experience across both desktop and mobile platforms.

Building the Framework:
Once the design phase culminated, my decade-long partner and I embarked on the development journey. We translated my designs into a functional HTML/CSS framework, complete with animations and interactive features. Together, we meticulously populated the website with content, ensuring each element aligned with the overall vision.
A standout feature was the robust coach directory and testimonial framework. Utilizing JSON code compiled with GULP, we created a system that was not only time-efficient for edits but also allowed for the reuse of design elements, enhancing the website's coherence and functionality.

Bringing the Story to Life:
The project's crowning achievement was the suite of marketing videos, including a guided experience video featuring Satyen and a welcoming video on the homepage. As the director, cinematographer, and editor, I captured the essence of the academy, crafting visual narratives that invited viewers into a world of enlightenment and evolution.

The redesigned Accelerated Evolution Academy website stands as a testament to the synergy of design and technology, a digital platform where wisdom is beautifully interwoven with the art of accelerated learning. Through this project, the academy's digital presence has been reimagined, offering an immersive, insightful, and visually captivating experience to its users.

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