Tim Thompson

Based in Canada, I blend graphic design, video production, and photography with an innate marketing sense. My work is a unique fusion of creativity, strategy, and technical skill. It's rare to find a designer who understands marketing and development as I do.
My inspirations are the elegance of fashion and the simplicity of nature. These influences are reflected in my portfolio, which includes websites for top-tier executives and logos for TV shows on Amazon Prime. My designs have been linked to by Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur.
My approach to client relationships is personal. I listen, truly listen, leading to designs that often require no revision. This approach has turned many clients into friends.
A defining force in my life and career has been Satyen Raja and WarriorSage. At 14, I embarked on a journey under Satyen's guidance, shifting to a professional collaboration at 21. This trajectory from student to business partner mirrors my own evolution. Satyen's influence has been profound - he's not just a mentor; he's a catalyst for my achievements. The lessons learned and opportunities garnered through this bond have imprinted deeply on my work, infusing it with a richness that only such a profound mentorship can impart. My current role is Director of Media & Technology at WarriorSage.
Over twenty years, I've honed a cross-disciplinary expertise. It's more than design, more than production, more than coding. It's about crafting a narrative in every project, where each detail contributes to a larger story.
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